The Left Hand Path to the F$$K$$G TOP

There are loads of books out there, that paint a very rosy and positive picture. They are all basically excuses for life - the religions ones are big fat lies about some fancy fairy in the sky who's determined to make things good for you. No one can make things for for you, only you can. There are no magical potions or quick-fix solutions. This book is real - I conducted an autopsy on life and held it up to the light. This book is my final prognosis. Don't expect to be told lies, and given false promises. This book holds more truth than any other book out there. 

There is no easy way to the top - which does not mean that it's impossible. Everything is attainable and achievable if only you are willing. It all starts with a wish; with a thought. All it takes to start your journey to the top is  a moment - there is nothing else. 

Stop whatever you're doing right now; and just feel it in your heart, let it burn deep down in your soul. Let it simmer deep inside, temper it with the fire that burns within you, and then savor it in your mouth. Taste the success you want - whatever it might be. Maybe you want to be the next Tech Titan, the next Billionaire, the next CEO of a Fortune No. 1 company. Whatever you want can be achieved - you need to first feel it, define it, and then put a plan in place. You can't just wait for lady luck to visit you; the odds are stacked against mostly everyone. Life has a way of breaking people down. So decide now to do something about your goals and your desires. All it takes is a moment, yes, just the one.

If you don't, then who will?

This book will help define what you want, and offers you a plan on how to achieve it. It teaches you to self-help, self-improve, and self-attain. if you want something, then go get it on your own. Don't depend on anyone else - there's no help coming. Just your own will, plans, and desires. 

The book covers all the human emotions and notions that you need to take care of. Be it the heart, the mind, the emotional, the spiritual, the psychological, or the physical. Learn to deal with everything that life might stack up and throw against you, on your way to the top. Don't wait and hope for things to fall into place. Get going and don't rest until you get what you want. 

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Joining the ranks of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, You Are a Badas*, unfu*k yourself, and F*ck Feelings comes this refreshing new no BS book, on the  counter-intuitive approach to living and winning in life.

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